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'Dear Grandpa Pencil

'A World of Trivia'' and 'Tasmanian Travel Guide'

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A world of Trivia

Despite being quite popular, the various trivia related pages on Dear Grandpa Pencil have grown up in a rather random fashion.

I consider them too important to leave as they are, so have tidied them up, expanded them and given them a brand new home at 'A World of Trivia'.

Grandpa Pencil Discovers
The Joy of Science

Some simple science experiments mixed with some science - and not so science - based information

Grandpa Pencil
finds some

Quirky Little Rhymes

A delightful collection of little rhymes by Hilaire Belloc, Lewis Carroll, Robert Louis Stevenson, Polly Chase Boyden, Isaac Watts and others, including Grandpa Pencil.

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Math Flash Cards

Designed by Patrick Lewis in Java Script, 'Math Flash Cards' is ideal for student, classroom and family use.

'Math Flash Cards' can be used by individuals, or in competition with family and friends offering fun while helping players hone their basic math skills.

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Inexpensive Activities

Dozens of no-cost and low-cost things for the family to make and do. Make your own Play Dough, Salt Dough, bubble bath or water colour paints.
Try one of our simple recipes or create a game where the main rules are having fun and loads of laughter.
Maybe you would prefer to make your own working time machine or send a message in morse code.
Great value for one child or an entire family.

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Australian Aboriginal Words
and their meanings

Though far from complete this list of Australian Aboriginal words and their meanings, drawn from many regions and Aboriginal groups.

Published by Robin A Cartledge ~ ABN 19 924 273 138 ~ Low Head, Tasmania ~ Contact/Comment