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This recipe is for any chosen quantity from enough for one rainy day at home through to bulk quantities for the school or church group (or for sale at your next fete).
As the paint will be dried and crushed for storage, quantities need not be precise though colouring should be added to the water a bit at a time until you have just the right shade for your needs.

A quantity of Cornflour (Corn Starch)

An equal volume of cold water

Food colouring of required colour


You will need

Something to measure with (like a cup), a mixing bowl, a stirring spoon, an eye dropper, a bowl and spoon for crushing the dried paint (or a rolling pin) and a drying bowl or tray.



Determine the amount of each colour you will need to make ( a good working solution would be a mixture of about half the volume of water to your finished dried paint powder or less) and mix equal parts, by volume, of the cornflour and water until the cornflour is in complete suspension.

Slowly add the food colouring to the mixture, with an eye dropper, while still mixing until you have achieved the desired colour.

You can leave the mixture in the mixing bowl (or jar) or pour it out onto a plastic tray and place it in a spot where it can slowly air dry.

When completely dry crush the paint to a fine powder and store until required.
To use the paint add water until you have the desired consistency and start creating.


Note: The vibrant colours you create will be translucent and you will be able to see all of the background lines allowing you to colour complex printed colouring in pages.



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