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I wonder if there is anything nicer than a luxurious, fragrant, soapy bath?

Often our water is stuffed with chemicals detracting somewhat from its softness.

We can make the water much softer with the addition of sodium carbonate, or washing soda.

This causes the calcium and other hard yukkies to drop out of the water.
It is important to remember that bathrooms and swimming pools are quite dangerous places to mix with glass.

In these areas people are generally not wearing shoes, the surfaces are hard and water makes things a bit slippery.


when you have made our fragrant bath salts, unless it is a very special gift for an adult, select an attractive plastic container to package it in.

Then, if it slips out of your hand onto the floor it will be much safer.


Washing soda crystals


Essential oil or fragrant oil in your favourite fragrance.


You will need
A mortar and pestle or rolling pin and cutting board, a mixing jug and bottles for your finished product.



  • Crush the washing soda to a powder with the mortar and pestle or rolling pin.

  • Add the soda to the water in the mixing jug a bit at a time mixing until it has all dissolved.When the water can not dissolve any more of the crystals add one cap full of your fragrance and mix well.

  • Test a small amount in a bucket of water to determine if your fragrance is as strong as you want.
  • Add more fragrance to your mixture if required. Because the fragrances will have different strengths and quality you will need to experiment a bit.

  • Package salts into bottles and enjoy.

  • You can make labels for your bottles and package them in nice boxes or baskets as gifts or to sell at your local markets or fetes.


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