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Blow-off Soccer Game




You will need a table for your playing surface, a ping pong ball, 4 or more bendy drinking straws and four or more players for this breathtakingly cheap game.

It is probably best if you don't use the highly polished dining table that has been in the family forever because you will need to make some field markings somehow.


The Rules of Blow-off Soccer

  • Divide the playing field into two parts by drawing a line across it about a quarter of the way along from one end.
  • The small area is the defence zone and the larger one is the play zone.
  • Place a semicircle of paper about 15 cm (6 inches) across, at the centre of the end of the play zone. This is your Blow-off area.
  • Please only use bendy drinking straws with the little end in your mouth because when the game gets rough you really don't want the big end down your throat, do you?

The idea of the game is for the attacking team to 'blow' the ball from the Blow-off area along the field so that it rolls over the end of the field.

The defence team need to stop it by blowing it back.

The game would be best played by two teams of two players each although, depending upon how good your lungs are, you might like to have reserve players as well.

  • Play is started by the attack team blowing the ball from the Blow-off area down the field to the goal (the other end of the table)
  • The ball may be passed from one player to the other across the table as required.
  • The defence team and their straws must stay within the defence zone
  • If a player, or a player's straw touch the ball the other team get one point and the play is restarted from the Blow-off area.
  • If the attack team blow the ball off either side of the field it is a foul and the teams change ends and restart the game.
  • When the attack team blows the ball across the goal they score a point and restart the game from the Blow-off area.
  • If the defence team blow the ball off the table inside the defence zone the attack team get a free blow . Play is restarted by the attack team from any point on the dividing line.
  • If the defence team blow the ball off the table in the play zone the teams change ends and restart the game.
  • Reserve players can only take the field when a particular play is ended by a goal, a foul, a restart or a free blow.
  • The length of the game should be determined by the ability of the players not to pass out from all the Blowing -off and laughing.


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