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G' day,
Today I am going to show you how to cook your very own game of Dominoes with Animal pictures instead of Numbers. Now that sounds like some pretty weird fun. Are you all ready ?

Before you start you can print off the picture cut out page and measure the individual pieces so that you know how much salt dough you will want to prepare.

Remember that to the 27 pieces on the page you will need to make one more for a double blank piece and some extras just in case the dog is hungry.

What you will Need

A rolling pin, safety scissors, a rule or straight edge, pizza wheel or butter knife, clear setting PVA craft glue,food colouring in your favourite colour, fine sandpaper, a brush and plenty of newspaper to paint your pieces on.

From recipe two, mix about one and a quarter cups each of plain flour and salt as directed.


How to Make it.

Print the cutout page onto plain white paper and cut out around the black edges.

Place your glob of salt dough (see Salt Dough Recipe) on a large flat surface,lightly dusted with plain flour and roll out evenly until it is about 5 mm thick.

With your butter knife or pizza wheel and straight edge, cut out the individual Dominoes, just a little bigger than your cut out fronts, being careful to make the edges as square as possible.

You will need 28 pieces plus some extra in case you make a mistake, or the dog chews some.
Lay the cut pieces on some baking paper in a safe, dry place for around four hours (it depends on the weather really so you will need to keep an eye on them)

When the pieces are dry and firm to touch, place them in a slow oven for an hour or so until they are dry and very hard.

When the pieces are cool enough for you to touch you can begin to finish them.

Finishing your pieces
When your pieces are hard, and very cool, place a piece of fine sandpaper on a flat surface and gently rub the edges of each piece until it can stand up on the edge.

In a disposable container, like a paper cup or plate, put a big squirt of PVA hobby glue and add your favourite food colour, drop by drop, until it is just right.

Place your pieces on newspaper and cover their tops with at least two coats of your paint/sealer (glue and colour) leaving each coat until the last is dry to touch.

When they are all finished and dry turn them over and do the same with the other side and all the edges.
While you wait for them to dry, wash your brush and container thoroughly making sure that all of the glue and colour is gone.

Finally, brush a thin coat of PVA glue on the front of each piece, lay down your cutouts and cover with one more coat.

You should now have a full set of Domanimals to play with. Enjoy Yourself.

How to Play Domanimals
  • Place all of the pieces face down on the table and mix them up before starting.

  • Two, three or four people may play.

  • With two, each player draws seven pieces for his/her hand. With three or four, each takes five.

  • One player starts by putting down a piece and the others, in turn, to the left, follow.

  • Each play is made by adding a piece to an open end of the layout, with the same animals touching.

  • When a player has no playable piece they must draw from the the pieces left in the centre until they get one they can play.

  • When the centre has no pieces left a player unable to play simply passes.

  • The first player to put down all his/her pieces wins.

  • To be fair, the person to the left of the last person to lead plays first in the next game.


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