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Grandpa Pencil
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Salt Dough




The Board

Cooking a Salt Dough board is a little difficult until you have mastered making smaller pieces so for the moment If you have a Chess or Draughts board. please use it, or look at the board (top left) and draw it on a piece of cardboard

Let's make some DRAUGHTS pieces !
Look at the recipe for SALT DOUGH. before you start.

Goodness Gracious Me,
Everyone you know says that your DRAUGHTS pieces should be perfectly round but the beautiful thing about being creative is that you can do whatever you want.


  • Choose the shape you would like to play with. It may be a star, a round piece, a square, a blob or a bunny. I have chosen to make a coiled up snake.
  • Each piece should be flat on the top, so that you can make Kings, and able to fit inside the squares you have or have made.
  • You will need 40 pieces, 20 for each player, but should make a few more in case the dog eats some.
  • So, make up a blob of Salt Dough that you think will be big enough
  • Don't worry if you make it too small because it is easy to mix some more.
  • Break down the blob into 40 or more Equalish blobs.
  • Life is good because if you have made your blobs the right size everything else is easy.
  • For my pieces I rolled each blob into a long snake and wound it around to make a really nice playing piece.
  • When it is wound just press it down gently with something flat until it looks good and fits.


Finishing Your Pieces

  • When all of your pieces are made lay them out on a piece of baking paper (this helps the bottom dry) until they are quite firm and dry.Have an adult place them in a low oven, on the baking paper, and cook them for 1 to 2 hours.
  • The pieces should not brown and should sound like hard plastic when tapped on the table.
  • Divide the pieces into two lots (20 or more pieces each).
  • Mix two different colours in disposable containers by adding food colouring to a big squirt of PVA hobby glue.
  • Completely cover each piece with this mixture at least twice to ensure that they not only look good but are completely sealed.



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