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Math Flash Cards
Ideal for student, classroom and family use.

Cooking with fruit flies
All about safety in the kitchen and measurements

Easy recipes for the whole family

Loads of simple recipes

Make your own confectionary
Recipes for all kinds of sweets

Make your own Play Dough
The simple recipes

Make your own Salt Dough

An easy recipe for hours of fun

Make your own water colour paints

Great value for one child or an entire school

Terms used in cookery

Just what do those words in your cook book mean?

Cooking Vegetables
The basics

Ginger bread men
Fun to cook and decorate

Christmas recipes

And other Christmas stuff

Poker solitaire
Make and play this interesting game for one

Fire safe game

A fun party game with a great lesson

Magic numbers trick
A great trick for your next party

Mixing colours
All the colours of the rainbow from just a few

How to run a great fete
All the info you need for success

Mind reading
Another great party trick

Morse Code
Send messages with sound or light


Have hours of fun with felt or paper cut-outs

Make a game from egg cartons and ping pong balls

Blow off cricket and soccer
Two games to make with drinking straws and ping pong balls

Earn Money

To help you through school or college

Great Quiz shows
Four quiz shows just like the real ones

Gardening terms

A list of gardening terms and their meanings

Print your own T shirt
A few designs to get you started

Teddy Bear's picnic
How to organise one

Water rocket

Build this great water powered baloon rocket

Fill up my glass please

A rowdy party game

Collecting junk for craft

What to collect and how to do it safely

Party time
A section all about parties

Paper plane place cards

Easy to make and fun for your party


Built from light cardboard

Things that move
Simple projects that move

Great trivia questions

And their answers for those cold nights in

Magic tissues
A magic gift that is easy to make

Straws and pipe cleaners
Make your own construction set

Frisbee games
Four exciting games to play with Frisbees

Scrunch Ball

Have hours of fun with games made from scrunched up
newspaper and cardboard

Five games to play in the pool for all ages

Surviving Australian wildlife

A free board game to print and play


A free print and play boardgame for three or more players

A crossword style game for younger players

Letter Shop

A spelling and adding game for younger players

Tic tac toe
Another great game to cook

Honey pie

A free board game for one to print and play

A Time Machine
that really works

How to make colourful
Paper Chain Streamers

Hand Cream

Make your own from available products

Bath Salts
Easy to make luxury

Math Flash Cards

Improve your math with these electronic flash cards

Gift Soap
Great for a special friend

Salt dough jewellery

Cook up a fortune

Pet Rocks
Make, train and sell your own pet rocks

Dart paper plane
An easy to make paper plane


Cook a domino style game


Cook up a salt dough game of draughts

Cornflour Clay
Make your own modelling clay from corn flour

Hero's Engine
Make this piece of science

Learn how to make these endangered animals

Tea chest Bass

Let's get musical

Felt Bookmarks
Your personal bookmarks to make

Make a Frisbee
From pretty paper party plates

Egghead place cards

Party place cards that grow on you

Anti gravity machine

Build a machine that defies gravity

Serviette holder

Make these colourful and cheap serviette holders

Plasticine flotilla
Build some powered craft from plasticine


Build this model from shopping bags and straws

Letter holder
Made from paper party plates


Easy to make from scrap

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