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Amuse your friends with this
growing Egghead Party Place Card.

These fun place cards are easy to make from egg shells, toilet roll tubes and birdseed.
Stuffed with party favours like balloons, party hats and sweets your friends will never forget your party.
You can paint their clothes on or, if you are feeling really creative, you can make them from fabric or crepe paper.
Please don't forget to give them a haircut before party day.

You will need
Basic Model
Dressed Model

For each guest you will need:
One centre from a toilet roll, light white cardboard, black and red felt marker, paint for shirt/blouse and pants/skirt, two of those split leg paper clippy things (to hold the arms on), PVA Craft glue, one egg shell, cotton wool and bird seed.

Let's face it, you are the creative one not me. I have absolutely no idea of what is in your mind.
You can start with different colours of crepe paper and gum and practice making different items of clothes.

Don't forget about belts, ties and scarfs.

How to make it.


  • Boil the required number of eggs
  • Break the shell at least two thirds of the way up, scoop out the egg and save the shell.
  • Have them for breakfast or on sandwiches for lunch.
    You do not have to eat them all at once.


  • With your felt markers draw some really silly faces on each of the egg shells.
  • Stuff each egg with cotton wool to just below the top.
  • sprinkle with bird seed, water and place in a light spot. Keep it moist until the hair grows.


  • Spray your toilet roll centres with some of that spray disinfectant.
  • Paint on the clothes and add the arms.
    These can be painted or stuck on.
  • You can add belts, ties, scarves and other accessories or real clothes if you wish.  


  • Cut a piece of light white board to about 5 cm X 8 cm.
  • Mark out where the tube is to go.
  • Paint on the feet so that they look like they are coming out from under the tube.
  • Glue the tube on with craft glue as shown and allow to dry.
On party day

Fill each of the tubes with balloons, sweets and other party favours and give each one a long haired Egghead.
Write each guest's name neatly on the cards and place them on the table where each guest is to sit.

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