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Played by as many people as you have at your party, the 'Fill Up My Glass Please' game is played by teams.

Each team can be made up by from two to twenty players and you can have as many teams play at the one time as your space will allow.

Fill Up My Glass, Please, can be played by any mix of ages and teams need not have even numbers

The Game

Please note that this game is not yet a recognised Olympic Event.

The idea of the game is to take water in a spoon from one end of a set course and put the water into a glass at the other end before returning the spoon back to your next relay member.

This process continues until one team has completely filled its glass.

You will need a container of water, a desert or soup spoon and a glass for each team.

An interesting winning strategy is to make all of the other teams laugh a lot so they keep spilling the water.


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