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The Game

Fire in the home is very dangerous, not only because you can get burned but also because of the smoke.

The yukky stuff that is burning can easily kill a person.

When you are getting out of a burning building you often need to keep down low underneath the smoke.

In this very funny and noisy party game you can get some practice without having a real fire, which is much better.

Players will need a blindfold and a stack hat and have to find their way, blindfolded and on their hands and knees, out of a room through a specified exit

One Player at a Time

Players should be given plenty of time to acquaint themselves with the room and the chosen exit.

One player puts on his/her bike crash helmet and is blindfolded by the referee.

All other kids sit on their chairs while the player is slowly spun around four times and helped down to his/her hands and knees.

The player should keep his/her head as low as possible to stay under the 'smoke'.

When the referee says "Go !", the player tries to find his/her way out of the exit in the quickest possible time.

Repeat until all of your guests have had a turn.

In Teams

Divide your party into two or more teams and fit one out with stack hats and blindfolds.

Members of the non playing team/s spin a player around four times slowly and helps him/her down onto hands and knees.

Non players go to their chairs and start the play.

The playing team tries to get all of its members out of the exit as quickly as possible.

They can talk to each other, hold hands or take whatever measures they see fit to get the entire team out quickest.

Players should not remove their blindfolds until their whole team is safely outside.




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