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Grandpa Pencil
learns how to build a
Flying Saucer (Frisbee)

From pretty paper party plates



How to Make Your Flying Saucer (Frisbee)

Goodness gracious me! This one is far too easy.

Like the rest of our stuff, though, it is quite inexpensive and loads of fun.

You will need two pretty paper party plates and some craft glue.Put one pretty paper party plate, on its base, on some newspaper.

Run a bead of craft glue around the rim and stick the other pretty paper party plate, eating side down, on top.

Line up the edges and (unlike Grandpa Pencil) wait until the glue dries.

Your dog will love chasing and chewing them so, because they are so cheap, make a few extras, then, 'go fly a Frisbee.'





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