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An exciting outdoor game for one or one hundred players where the fun is more important than the rules.

You will require a biggish park with a sympathetic ranger for this game but, it's worth it.

You know that you play golf over 9 or 18 'holes' and normally have to pay a fair bit of money.

Now you can play over 9 or 18 trees or bins or rocks and you don't even need those weird clubby things.

Work out about how far you can throw your Frisbee and multiply that by about two and a half times.

Select and mark a starting point and find an object (tree, bin, rock, light pole, etc.) about that distance away and mark it (a ribbon or piece of coloured board will do).

Continue doing this until you have marked out your complete course.

The aim is to throw the Frisbee until it comes to rest at the base of your object, and touching it.

Count the number of throws it takes to get 'into' all of your chosen 'holes'.

The player with the lowest score is the winner.



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