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All About Frisbee Rules

I am sure that you have heard of Australian Rules Football. It is fast and exciting, most athletic and relies more on skill than brute force.

Frisbee Rules is just a little bit like it but is played with a Frisbee and the rest of the rules really depend upon how many players you can find, how big a space you can play on, how big the players are and what you can find to use for goal posts and boundaries.

As with everything in Dear Grandpa Pencil, the main rules are to have fun and stay safe.

You really should have two even sides with at least three people on each. If you can find an extra person a referee would be rather good.

If you have uneven numbers who all want to play, one person can act as referee for a little while and swap with another player later.


The are four 'goal posts' at each end of the field and we urge you to consider player safety when selecting what to use to mark them.

Getting your Frisbee through the inner two posts represents a goal (6 points) and through the outer posts, a behind (1 point)

Score 6 points for a goal or 1 point if it goes through the outside posts, touches one of the posts, one of the opposition players on it's way through the centre posts, is carried across the goal line or is thrown through by an opposition member.

The game is started by a player, decided by the toss of a coin, throwing the Frisbee into the field of play from his/her goal line.

If the Frisbee is caught cleanly on the full the player catching it has a 'free throw'.

When the Frisbee comes to a stop , where no player can throw it, it is thrown in from the sideline by the referee to continue play.





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