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Cooking With Fruitflies
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G' day
Before we begin cooking it is essential that we do everything right so we don't hurt ourselves so here are a few hints to help you on your way. Please be safe and have fun.

  • Always make sure that your Fruit Fly asks the permission of an adult before starting.

  • Be sure that the fly thoroughly washes All of his hands, dries them well and cleans his fingernails

  • He should put on a clean apron and cap to keep the gunk out of his hair.

  • It might be a good idea, especially if you are using raisins, if your Fruit Fly wears a yellow or orange floaty jacket.

  • When using electric mixers or other appliances be sure that your Fruit Fly has no loose clothing that might get caught. They get very dizzy going around in the beaters.
  • Never let your Fruit Fly carry any heavy or hot things and never ever let him put things into, or take them out of, the oven.

  • Never let your Fruit Fly put his fingers in the toaster or power point.Your Fruit Fly should never put his finger in the mixing bowl to have a taste. He should always use a spoon and wash it before tasting again.

  • You should be quite stern if your Fruit Fly mucks around with sharp or hot things. It is very dangerous.

  • Make sure that your fruit fly washes all bowls, saucepans, spoons, knives and cutting boards before doing another job to stop the yikky bugs.

Grandpa Pencil gives you
The 'Almost Everything' Conversion Calculator

for Converting weights and measures

With so many things we often have to convert one measurement to another and it can often be a real pain.

Well Grandpa Pencil has found the solution in an 'Almost Everything' Converter, including light years to miles if that takes your fancy.

.I put it here mainly so that you can easily convert all of the weights and measures on that great recipe you found that uses different measurements to those you normally think in.

It is really simple to use as you just need to find the conversion you need, below.

say you want to convert pounds to kilograms you find that button, type the number of pounds in the pop-up box and press OK. Your answer will come up in the answer box.


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