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Gocci is kind of the same as Bocci which is kind of the same as Lawn Bowls.
Two to four players take turns to get each of their six Scrunch Balls closest to a marker.
If you wish you can print off the marker and score card.

  • Though not necessary, you will find the game a little easier to play if you print and prepare the sheet Gocci Game (instructions below)
  • Gocci can be played either indoors or outdoors by from two to four players.
  • Each player starts the game with six Scrunch Balls of the same colour.
  • The maximum length of the Gocci course should be around 9 metres (less if less space is available.
  • The hole (see below) is placed at one end of the course and set back at least one metre from any wall or obstruction.
  • Players each pick a colour and then start play in the order listed on the score sheet.
  • The first player choses a length between six and nine metres (more and less according to age, skill or available space) and places the chuck line (see below) there.
  • Players take turns to chuck one of their Scrunch Balls toward the hole continuing until all Scrunch Balls have been chucked.
  • The aim is to get your Scrunch Balls closest to (or in) the hole.
  • Each player uses a button or other marker to keep score on the score card (in the Gocci Game printed page) or a drawn version if you like.
  • Throughout the game a player claims 2 points each time his/her Scrunch Ball lands and stops in the hole (even if it is bonged out by a later player). Move the marker 2 places on that players space each time this happens.
  • Players might move the hole by bonging it with their Scrunch Ball when playing and that's all right. Just leave it.
    If your cat runs away with it, however, try and get it back and put it where the cat got it from. Do the same with any Scrunch balls that the cat steals or plays with.
  • When all of the Scrunch Balls are chucked the second part of the scoring can start.
  • a. Any Scrunch Balls that are still in the hole have already got their two points and can no longer score.
  • b. If one or more Scrunch Balls are there you have to look at the next closest Scrunch to the outside of the hole. If this is the same as one of them then that next Scrunch Ball (and all others of that colour closer than any other colour) are worth one point each.
  • c. If no Scrunch Balls are in the hole look for the Ball closest to the hole. That ball and any others of that colour closer than any other colour is/are worth one point each.
  • The winner of that round decides how far away to put the chuck line and has the first chuck with other players playing in order of the score card.
  • continue until one player gets fifteen points (fills up his/her line on the score card.)
  • You will be so busy laughing that I am sure that it will not matter who wins even if you can work it out.

If you are going to print the score card, hole and chuck line click Gocci Game . The printer should be set for page one only and portrait and the page is best in colour.

After printing cut the page into the three sections (as below) and follow the instructions.


The Hole
cut out this strip and paste the ends together to make your hole


The Chuck Line
you must chuck from behind this line


The Score Card
move your marker along your line to keep score

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