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Grandpa Pencil

makes a
Hand Scrunch Game
with Scrunch Balls



Mix up Tennis, Hand Ball, Volley Ball, Soccer and a million giggles and you start to get the idea of how to play (Which is good because I have absolutely no idea.)

I will give you the really silly rules but it is probably better if you just make them up.

  • The game can be played either indoors or out by from two to four players.

  • The court, divided across the centre, should be no more than six metres long.

  • Each end should have a base line set back from any wall or obstruction.

  • If played indoors remove all antiques, chandeliers and breakables.
Play Ball

Hand scrunch is played almost the same as tennis except that you don't use a racquet and
you have to keep the Scrunch Ball in the air on your side and on the floor on the other side.

  • Serving and scoring are almost the same as tennis.

  • You can hit the scrunch with your open hand, fist,head, knee or foot.

  • Each whack or kick must send the Scrunch over the centre line but keep it inside the base line.

  • Hitting the wall on either side of the court is out and your opponent scores.

  • you can whack the scrunch more than once as long as it does not touch the floor.

Have Fun!

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