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Honey Pie
is a game, for one person, that you can print and play for free. You will need a dice.

The idea is to fill up the entire honey pie with bubby bees and bigger bees, if you can.There are a number of levels ranging from Easy Peasy through to a bit hard and you can play against the clock if you wish.

How to make the game

Print the game board , in pdf, on a light white board.

For the playing pieces, the Bubby Bees and the Bigger Bees, use blobs of plasticine, buttons or play dough (Whichever you wish.) You will need 68 of one colour or size and 40 of another.)

The Rules

  • There are 68 Bigger Bee Bits and these are all used for the Easy Peasy game. A Bigger Bee can move in a straight line in any direction (though only one direction each turn)
  • There are 40 Bubby Bee bits and these replace some of the Bigger Bee Bits to make the game more difficult.
  • BUBBY BEE BITS, because they are very young, only know how to move forward (see the illustration above).
  • All Bees move cell by cell, to the throw of a dice, through the flat sides and can only move in one straight line each turn.


How to Play

  • Put the Bigger Bee Bits in the Bigger Bee Bit box on the board and the Bubby Bee Bits in the Bubby Bee Bit box.
  • In the Easy Peasy game you will have NO Bubby Bee Bits and 68 Bigger Bee Bits.
  • As you make the game a bit harder remove 5 Bigger Bees and replace them with 5 Bubby Bees.
  • All Bees enter the pie through the GO cell and once in the pie can not get out again.
  • Throw the dice and move your chosen Bee the number of spaces shown.
  • The move can be made from one of the Bee boxes or by a Bee already in the Pie.
  • Continue until you have completely filled the Honey Pie or you can no longer move a piece.



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