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Grandpa Pencil
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How to make it

  • Take a plastic, screw-top soft drink bottle and cut it off below the top (where it reaches its biggest size.

  • If your cut is a bit wobbly don't worry too much as you are going to attach it with modeling clay

  • Punch a hole through the centre of your screw cap that you can blow through reasonable easily.

  • Cut a piece of cardboard just a little bigger than the cut bit of the bottle, mark a circle from your bottle in its centre and within this circle punch some holes through with a pencil.

  • Put a big snake of modeling clay around your drawn circle and press the bottle down firmly until it is solid. You may need some adhesive tape to make it secure.

  • Pull a balloon over your screw top so that you can still screw it onto the bottle.
How easy is that?
  • Now, blow up the balloon through the cap, pinch the neck of the balloon to keep the air in and screw the hovercraft onto it.

  • Place the cardboard down on a hard, flat surface and let go. It should hover just like the real thing.

  • To give your hovercraft its own propulsion system just punch a hole in the bottle, near the base, slip a short length of drinking straw in and seal with modeling clay.


Although this is a really simple project, if you are anything like Grandpa Pencil, you should have a responsible person help with the cutting and drilling.


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