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Make What?

Iggles were thought, by many, to be extinct but Grandpa Pencil has been secretly running a breeding programme for them and is now ready to release them back into the wild.

Back in the olden days, when Grandpa was just a little pencil stub, the Iggles flourished all around the world.

Along with the common Iggle were such subspecies as

  • The Iciggle

  • The Popsiggle

  • The Spectiggle

  • The Tropiggle (see rare photo, below)
    and a vast range of others.

Rare photograph of the Tropiggle

Iggles are egg shaped creatures with eyes, a mouth and feet.

The fact that they had no hands or arms is thought to be the reason that they are now endangered as it must make life a little difficult.

How to create your own Iggles 

We are going to start off learning how to make Common Iggles using hard boiled eggs, a bit of play dough or Plasticine, some of those 'crafty eyes' and some other odds and ends.

The Common Iggle will be a great talking point for your next party and you can eat it as well.

You will need

For each Iggle:

  • 1 hard boiled Egg

  • 2 stick on eyes of your choice.
    The eyes, by the way, can completely change the character of your Iggle

  • Felt markers or paint and brush

  • Play dough or plasticine

  • Cotton wool

  • Food colouring

  • Maybe a really neat little hat and bow tie

  • Paste or craft glue

Make feet on a little egg-cup type of thing out of your Plasticine or play dough. This base should be able to hold the egg upright but still be quite shallow.

You can paint or draw your Iggle's eyes and mouth on or use some of those beaut stick-on eyes from the craft store.

Die some cotton wool with food colouring and allow to dry completely.
Fluff it out and stick on your Iggle's head for his hair.

Probably the best Iggle I ever saw was a coconut with real chicken legs. Weird but beaut.

If you are making Iggles for a party you might like to try a game for your guests where they have to think of all the different Iggles that might have once lived (as the examples, left).


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