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Salt Dough Jewellery



Salt dough jewellery is easy to make and cheap enough for you to change your look every day.

What you will need

You will need a blob of dough mixture (see recipe), some thin skewers, string or hat elastic, colours, sealer and baking paper

Some imagination and practice are the only other things you will need to have.


How to make your Little Gems

Start out by drawing what you think your finished jewellery will look like so that you know what pieces you will need to make.

You may want either round or long beads, or some other shapes like the ones above, and will need to work out about how many you need.

Shape the gems to your design and slide them onto thin wooden skewers (where you want your string to go through) and leave to dry on some baking paper.

When the Gems are dry and hard take them off the skewer and finish drying them, on the baking paper, in the oven. It should take 1 to 2 hours in the oven on a low heat.

PLEASE ask an adult to cook and test the Gems for you so that you don't hurt yourself.


Finishing your Masterpiece

Colouring and Sealing

When the Gems are cool enough put them all back onto the skewers ready to paint and seal.

If you have a piece of styrene foam, stick the skewers into it so that they can dry properly without you getting yucky paint and glue all over your hands. Put the pieces on skewers according to the colour you want to paint (All of the green Gems go on one skewer, all of the red ones on another etc.)

In a disposable cup or plate MIX some PVA hobby glue with food colouring until the colour is exactly what you want.

Put two or three coats of this on each Gem, leaving each 'till it is touch dry, until you end up with beautiful shiny Gems.

When all of the Gems are totally dry, thread them onto your string or hat elastic. You can separate them from each other by tying knots between them.

Leave extra at the end for your Clasp. Tie a loop on one of these ends and on the other tie one of your beads (like a button and buttonhole)

As soon as you have finished PLEASE send us a photo of your creation.

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