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Grandpa Pencil
Finds out how to make
A Letter Holder
for your fridge from pretty paper party plates



If you have a close look at a pretty paper party plate you will see that it is perfect for making this project.

To make the Letter Holder you will want two paper plates, a coloured cotton wool ball for the nose, wool, fabric or coloured cotton wool for the hair, some paints hobby glue, a fridge magnet and something for the eyes.

Cut one of the pretty paper party plates in halves and glue one half onto the full plate, eating sides together, with a bead of PVA hobby glue and leave it to dry thoroughly.




Now paint a neat smiley face on the half bit of plate and stick on a coloured cotton ball nose.

On the full plate paint or stick on the eyes and stick on the hair.

Glue your fridge magnet onto the back and when it is all dry you have the perfect gift for a friend or your adults.

Fridge Magnets

Quite often a Real Estate business or a local politician pops a magnet in our letter box.

These, cut up, are perfect for our craft projects and cost nothing.

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