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The Basics

Everything you need for this project can be picked up quite inexpensively at your local supermarket.

The formula is based on Olive Oil and it will not take you long to see the good it does your skin.

Your supermarket, department store and various budget shops should stock a variety of bottles for your body oil.

For your safety I would suggest that you select plastic rather than glass unless it is to be a very special gift for an adult.

There are many types of attractive stoppered bottles available if your body oil is for an adult gift.

What you will need
How to

Work out how much body oil you wish to make and ensure that you have a mixing container big enough to hold it all

Place a little Olive oil in the container and add the chosen fragrant oil.

Mix well to blend the two ingredients.

Add a little more Olive oil and mix well, continuing until all of the oil is blended.

Then just bottle it and enjoy.

Olive Oil: As flavour is not an issue here less expensive varieties are adequate and there is no need to consider 'virgin'.

Fragrant or Essential Oil: You don't want to overdo the fragrance and the different styles you can buy differ greatly in strength so, initially, add less Fragrance than you think you will need and then repeat the whole process with a little more if required.

This will also give you a better blend.

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