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Grandpa Pencil
learns how to make a
Scrunch Ball Bat

(Ping Pong Paddle)
from an old cardboard carton




If you want to play Shuttle Scrunch or Ping Pong and don't have Ping Pong Paddles it is really easy to make some from used wine cartons (an adult can ask for these at a liquor outlet) or a similar kind of box.

You will find a pattern for the paddle by clicking on
Scrunch Bat Plan

  • Print the Scrunch Bat Plan and cut out the bat outline.

  • Undo your carton at the glued seam and flatten it out being careful not to crush it.

  • If you have a good look at the carton you will see that inside the front and back sheets is a corrugated section like this .

  • Draw the outline of the bat on the carton a bit like the illustration below making sure that the corrugations will run in different directions on each layer.
    This will give your finished paddle more strength.

  • Have an adult help you cut out around each of the outlines you have drawn

  • Each paddle will need three or four layers of carton depending upon their thickness. You want it to be both comfortable and strong.

  • Using PVA hobby glue stick the layers together with the corrugations going a different way on each layer.

  • You can make the handle more comfortable by winding packaging tape or electrical tape around it.

Kind of how you lay out your paddles on the carton.


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