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Invented in the United States in 1840 by Samuel Morse, Morse code is a method of sending messages with letters and numbers represented by a series of long and short bursts of light or sound (dashes and dots).

Letters are represented by up to four pulses, numbers by five pulses and punctuation marks by six.

Once you have learned the code you can communicate with friends over a distance with a flashlight, a laser generator or a whistle.

The Letters

A: dit dah, B: dah dit dit dit, C: dah dit dah dit, D: dah dit dit, E: dit, F: dit dit dah dit, G: dah dah dit,
dit dit dit dit, I: dit dit, J: dit dah dah dah, K: dah dit dah, L: dit dah dit dit, M: dah dah, N: dah dit,
dah dah dah, P: dit dah dah dit, Q: dah dah dit dah, R: dit dah dit, S: dit dit dit, T: dah, U: dit dit dah,
dit dit dit dah, W: dit dah dah, X: dah dit dit dah, Y: dah dit dah dah, Z: dah dah dit dit

The Numbers

1: dit dah dah dah dah, 2: dit dit dah dah dah, 3: dit dit dit dah dah, 4: dit dit dit dit dah, 5: dit dit dit dit dit,
6: dah dit dit dit dit, 7: dah dah dit dit dit, 8: dah dah dah dit dit, 9: dah dah dah dah dit,
0: dah dah dah dah dah


Full stop: dit dah dit dah dit dah
Question mark:
dit dit dah dah dit dit
Error sign:
dit dit dit dit dit dit dit dit



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