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grandpa Pencil
Learns how to make colourful
Paper Chain Streamers



Easy peasy decorations

Here is a little activity to keep the whole family busy for a while for very little cost while creating a colourful decoration.

I have used those rolls of streamers that people throw at cruise ships as they are leaving port.
You should find them easily at your local newsagent or supermarket.

It is better to use them this way, by the way, because you can keep them for years instead of just throwing them and mucking up the water.


How to make them

Cut your rolls of streamer into lengths of approximately 18 cm (7 inches) using a variety of colours.

Put a little bit of glue on one end of the cut strip, I always use one of those glue stick thingies, and stick it together like a wheel.

Do the same with the rest of your strips using a different colour each time making sure that you put it through the last ring before sticking.

Don't be like grandpa and try to hang your streamers before the glue has properly dried


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