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Grandpa Pencil
Learns how to make some
Mini Paper Plane
Party Place Cards

That really fly



Wow! Here is place card that should become the absolute centre of attention at your next Children's Party and it's as cheap as chips.

All you need do is print off as many pages as you need, assemble the planes and write the name of each guest under the eyes on the wings.

How to make them

You will need some paste or gum, scissors and Blue Tac

Click on Four Up Glider, currently in pdf format.

Print off as many planes as you need (each page has four planes on it) onto a light white board.

Cut out each of the sections (bodies and wings joined together)

Take the two tail sections and glue them together back to back

so they look like this

Then take the whole body and wing section, fold down the centre line and run a little glue down the shaded centre of the body.


Insert the tail right at the back, in the fold, with the stripe at the back and press glued section together until dry.

Fold wings back to complete craft.

Blu Tac or Plasticine is placed on the blue dot and it's size adjusted to gain required flight.

Remove all breakables from the party zone and enjoy yourself.


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