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You can print your own Tee Shirt with almost any design that you want (although many of the major characters of film, video and books along with any of the large Corporation's logos should not be used for copyright reasons).

For this introduction to Tee Shirt Printing you are more than welcome to use any of the pictures in Dear Grandpa Pencil.

You will need to buy some special Iron-on printing paper from your computer supplies store.

Make sure that you give the computer store full details of your printer so that you are certain that the paper is compatible.

You may BUY a brand new TEE SHIRT or use one of your old favourites (if using an old shirt be sure to have it washed, dried and neatly pressed before you start.

We have five special designs for you this month that should really impress your friends. To escape each print page simply click on it.

Select a tee shirt print


  • Print the Tee Shirt Print page onto your-Iron on Paper being careful to follow all of the instructions.
  • Cut out the two elements on the page (a bit for the front and a bit for the back of the shirt).
  • Carefully following the instructions on the Iron on Paper packaging.
  • Apply your designs to the Tee Shirt.
  • Doesn't that look great ? Now you are ready to start creating your own personal designs for yourself, your friends or to sell.
  • If you want to know more about creating your own designs please ask at your computer store



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