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Grandpa Pencil
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Felt Animal Bookmarks


It is nice to feel special and that is exactly what you will be when you create your own felt animal bookmarks. You can make mice, snakes or even flattened out elephants.

Just imagine how funny it would look if one of the elephants in your back yard accidentally got squashed in a book.


What you will need

Some colourful felt squares

Stick on craft eyes

Craft glue


Paper and a pencil

A fine felt tipped marker


How to make them


Think about all of the things that your selected animal should have such as tail, ears, nose or trunk, eyes, whiskers, tusks and, for the snake, a long skinny tongue.

Draw the body and the different parts on paper being sure to keep the bits small enough to be cut out of your felt pieces.

When you are happy with how they all look cut them out (if you are very small and your adults promise to be careful, it might be a good idea to ask them to do the cutting)

Pick which of the colours of felt that each part should be: For instance, in my silly mouse I have chosen a yellow body, black ears and tail. A funny looking snake might be green with red dots and the flat elephant will be, of course, grey with white tusks.

Lay the different patterns on the correct coloured square trying to waste as little felt as possible, and draw carefully around each pattern with your marker.

Cut out each piece very, very carefully and you are nearly finished.

For skinny things like tails and snake tongues simply cut a thin strip of your chosen coloured felt to the length that you want then give it a gentle pull to give it some character.

Whiskers might be from felt or a few bristles or straws from the household broom (but don't tell anyone that I told you that.)

Using craft glue, stick all the the bits together where they belong, including the craft eyes, and please wait until your creation is dry before using it.


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