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Grandpa Pencil's
Recipe For
Salt Dough



Basic Mixture 1

2 parts Plain White Flour

1 part Salt

Water as required

1 teaspoon Cooking Oil

Basic Mixture 2

1 part Plain White Flour

1 part salt

water as required






You will need

Something to measure with ( like a cup) and a mixing bowl


Work out which project you are going to make and consider the size you intend to make it. You should get a good idea on how big a lump of dough you will need to mix.

Put your dry ingredients (and oil if you are using it) into a plastic mixing bowl and mix it all together with your hands.
Slowly add water as you continue to mix it up by squishing it through your fingers until the mixture stops being crumbly and before it gets sticky.

Your lump of dough should be quite elastic and not stick to your hands when you play catch with it.


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