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Grandpa Pencil
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Scrunched up Newspaper Balls



Whether you want some terrific and inexpensive games for your next party or something to do on those long wet days you will have trouble finding games as cheap and as much fun as these four Scrunch Ball games.

All of the games can be played indoors or out.

All you will need is some newspapers, string, food colours, rubber gloves and maybe some old wine cartons and hobby glue.


How to Make a Scrunch Ball

  • You will need access to four different colours of food colouring (pink, green, blue and yellow) and an old newspaper (Please make sure that everyone has read it).
    The newspaper should not be the shiny kind or have too much colour.

  • Make at least six Scrunch Balls in each colour and a few spares for the dog (or in case you lose or break some).

  • Cut the newspaper in half down the folded bit.

  • Put on some rubber gloves and an apron in case you get yummy colours all over you.

  • In a glass bowl or old plastic bowl put one big mug full of cold water.

  • Put two capfuls of one of the colours in and mix it all up. You can add more colour if you wish but we are trying to save money.

  • Take six or more of the pages you cut and, one by one, get them very wet in the bowl.

  • When each is very wet scrunch it up into a ball kind of thing and put it aside to dry where it won't be in the way or stain anything.

  • Finish the one colour, do as many as you like over six, then do the same with the other three colours.

  • You can air dry them or have an adult dry them slowly in the oven. When fully dry they will be sort of hard and bounce on the floor with a delicious thunk.

The five Scrunch Ball games are

Gocci is kind of the same as Bocci which is kind of the same as Lawn Bowls.

Two to four players take turns to get each of their six Scrunch Balls closest to a marker.
If you wish you can print off the marker and score card.

Hand Scrunch
Mix up Tennis, Hand Ball, Volley Ball, Soccer and a million giggles and you start to get the idea of how to play Hand Scrunch (Which is good because I have absolutely no idea.)
I will give you the really silly rules but it is probably better if you just make them up

Shuttle Scrunch
Isn't it annoying when your dog keeps eating the shuttlecock just before you want a quiet game?
Never worry again because now you can make a Scrunch Ball so cheaply that you can give doggy its own.
If you don't have a set of shuttlecock rackets, old tennis rackets or ping pong paddles We will show you how to make some from old cartons

see Scrunch Ball Bat)

Scrunch Cricket


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