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This easy to make Spinnercopter should give you hours of inexpensive fun in designing and testing different shapes, sizes and weights as well as competing with your friends.


How to make it
  • Starting with a basic design similar to that on theleft, draw your Spinnercopter onto your chosen board.

  • Cut it out.

  • Cut down the line between A and B.

  • Fold the A wing toward you along the dotted line and the B wing away from you.

  • Use modelling clay, big paper clips or anything else available to you (where shown) as a weight.
What is the aim of the design?

Dropped from a height, we want the Spinnercopter to fall as accurately and as slowly as possible.

You can compete to find the designer able to create a Spinnercopter that takes the longest time to reach the ground, the one that is most accurate in hitting a target when dropped from a height or a combination of both.

Developing your model
  • Make a number of models and test them, noting how different shapes, weights of cardboard, wing angles and sizes along with your nose weighting, makes each perform.

  • Using your observations, design and test another set.

  • Soon you will begin to see how the different parts of your design work together and, hopefully, you will design a winner.


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