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Straws and Pipe Cleaners


Straight or Simple L Joint

The Straight or Simple L joint is the easiest of all.

Simply bend your pipe cleaner in half, twist together and slip a straw onto each end.

You can bend the joint to any angle that you require.

Simple T Joint

This joint will allow you to join three straws together so that you can make simple models like our Hang Glider.

Bend the pipe cleaner in half then twist from the bent bit up to about a third of its length.

Bend the two untwisted bits out to the side then bend each of these arms in half and twist them, one at a time.

Slip a straw onto each of the little legs and you have finished your first simple model.

Five Way Joint

Fold two pipe cleaners in half and twist to about a third of their length.

Bend each of the four skinny arms out to the side, fold each one in halves and twist together,

You will be able to make more complex shapes and our Helicopter.

Using this method you can make a variety of different joints.

Make Two Basic Shapes

The Cube:  This is about the simplest shape to make.

You will need 12 non bendy straws and eight 'T joints'.

Simply slide a T joint into each end of 4 straws, bend each 'T joint' to a 90 degree angle then join them up with the other straws.

The Pyramid: You will need 8 non bendy straws, 4 'T joints' and 4 simple joints.

Join 4 straws together with the 4 'T joints' each with one leg sticking up at the corner.

Slide four straws into the four free legs then tie the top together with your four simple joints. How easy is that ?

Now you can blow your mind away by clicking onto the link below and exploring some magnificant shapes .
One for those boring rainy days or for the holidays and good for all ages.
Imagine using drinking straws, bits of paper or cardboard and loads of other inexpensive stuff to make wonderful and complicated shapes and
other interesting things.

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