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When I was much younger I used to get a little cross at books on how to make things that started out saying, 'You will need a band saw, a wood lathe and an arc welder for these projects.' I am sure you have read them.

Wherever possible, the projects in Dear Grandpa Pencil use either junk or easily accessed, inexpensive material and very basic household tools.

You will need the desire to get a little messy at times, a fascination for experimenting and a love of creating things.

When you decide just which hobby you want to take up seriously is soon enough to worry about expensive equipment.

In this series we are going to look at building things that fly, float, glide, lift, pull, climb and drive out of readily available materials at a minimal cost.

The stuff will be powered by wind, gravity, steam, rubber bands, batteries and rat traps.

Many of the projects will allow you to compete with friends for speed, height, distance and accuracy and your winning edge will be in your ability to observe so that you can refine and fully develop your model.

There is no need for competition, however, as these projects are equally as good for filling up a few hours or learning about how things work.

Whatever reason you choose to make some or all of the models you will find that the knowledge that you gain will serve you for the rest of your life.

Your workshop for these projects will be your mind.

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