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Amaze your friends
by building
Big Scary Monster's Fabulous
Time Machine



Big Scary Monster can be a bit of a ratbag at times so please be careful if you intend to build this project.

The machine is only capable of taking people forward at the moment so please don't set the timer for too long a time.

The Time Machine

After years of research Big Scary Monster has finally made a breakthrough with his pet project .and he is willing to share his secret so that you can amaze your friends by taking them forward in time.

How to build your Time Machine

You will need an old cardboard carton from a refrigerator or other large appliance big enough for you and your friends to fit into (one at a time.)

Your local appliance retailer should give you one if you explain why you need it.

Cupboards, wardrobes or other things like that can be used but please be sure that an adult has checked it to ensure that enough air can get in and that no-one can be accidentally locked inside.

That is scary and dangerous.

Cut out a door big enough for you to fit through then paint the entire machine as you see fit.

Cover the doorway with a piece of fabric cut to just a bit bigger than the cutout and tape it to the top of the doorway.

Use any old bits of paint and fabric you can find in the shed or around the house rather than buying expensive stuff.

Finally, decorate the machine with interesting things like bits of wire, clocks and dials and put a seat inside (a milk crate would do)


Operating your Time Machine
OK, you have built your machine so now it is time to send your friends on the trip of a lifetime.

You may have noticed that you have done nothing whilst building your machine that, so far, would allow you to travel through time. Everything has been done to create the mood.

You will need access to a watch or clock and a calendar (to prove that your machine works) and an egg timer or kitchen timer to control the length of the trip.

Remember that the Time Machine can only take you forward before you take the next step because if you travel for too long you will miss a lot of school and, more importantly, a lot of beaut birthday parties.

Work out how far into the future you want to go (5 minutes or 10 minutes at most to start with).

Place your traveler in the Time Machine, set the timer and check the exact time.

When the sand runs out (egg timer) or the alarm on your kitchen timer rings remove the traveler gently from the machine and check the time.

You will noticed that the traveler has traveled forward in time by the chosen distance.

I suppose that, if there was someone that really annoyed you, you could set the timer for ten years but you would need to stick a lot of pizza in the machine to keep them alive.

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