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Grandpa Pencil
Learns how to make
Magic Tissues


A special gift with a twist

If you have someone special that you would like to give a really nice surprise on Valentines day, or any other day, these Magic Tissues are just the thing for you.

How to make it

  • Buy a box of good quality 'sneezy tissues'. It need not be the biggest box in the store but should have good tissues.

  • On the ends of the box you will see where the flaps have been glued down. Take a good look and see which end might open easiest without tearing.

  • slide a butter knife or letter opener behind the top, then lower flap and gently worr them loose trying not to tear the cardboard.

  • Look carefully to see how the tissues are inter-linked before separating the number of tissues that you need.

  • Write a special message on around ten of the tissues, link them together on the top of the other tissues.

  • Carefully glue the ends together again and ther you have it. Magic Tissues .
The Magic Bit

Imagine opening a seemingly normal box of tissues only to find a personal message on each tissue inside. Now that's magic.

  • There is no need to do many more than 10 tissues as the magic is in the first couple used.

  • Write special messages on each of the tissues with felt tip pen, chalk or some other medium that will not rip the tissue.

  • You can add drawings or selected rubber stamps if you wish.

  • Reassemble the tissues, slide them back into the box and carefully reseal the end so that the box looks just like when you bought it.

  • You can decorate the box with stickers, stamps or drawings if you wish.

  • Decorations will be helpful if you have accidentally ripped the box a bit


Note: Please don't be too upset if you don't get an immediate response to your gift.

If you have done it correctly your friend will have no real need to open the gift immediately.

Please don't be too surprised if, weeks or months down the track, when you least expect it, the magic finally works.

The one thing you can be certain of is that 'fate' knows just what to do and when to do it.

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