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Have you ever wondered how many of the centre bits from toilet rolls and paper hand towels you throw away each year?

We, at Dear Grandpa Pencil, believe in giving things a second chance at life to help ease the burden we place on the planet.

For your safety we suggest that, as you are collecting these items, you give them a good spray with some of that spray disinfectant stuff.

For this project the longer hand towel centres should be cut in halves

Decorating your Serviette Holders

Paint all of your rolls in bright colours of any paint, or food colouring, that you can find cheaply, or, cover with colourful paper or foil. To add extra decorations you can;

  • Stick on your favourite colour picture cut-outs, stars, etc.

  • Use attractive rubber stamps,

  • Paint designs on the tubes, with paste and roll them in glitter (Yum yum !) or

  • Tie pretty ribbons and bows around them.

On Party Day

You can roll your serviettes and slide them into each of the tubes so that they stick out at either end or

Stuff the serviette along with balloons, sweets and party favours into each tube then wrap the tube in clear cellophane and twist the ends into a 'bonbon' shape.

Art Protecting Art

Sometimes we do a really great drawing or painting and want to give it to a special person.

If you decorate a nice tube, from the longer hand towel centres, you can roll up your art and slip it in.

This way your art will stay clean and crease free.


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