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Vegetables can make up a complete meal or add colour, flavour and texture to meat, fowl, fish, rice or pasta dishes.

Whichever use of veggies you choose it is handy to know a little about cooking them.

Like any other activity there are many ways to achieve your ends and in cooking vegetables your personal tastes should dictate your cooking style.

Some of the styles shown here do not take full advantage of the nutritional and vitamin values of the food but are, to me, more pleasant than some of the half raw variations.

One of the good things about cooking is that you can experiment without too many big disasters and even those events can lead you on to a greater variety of styles.

On the few occasions that I give a dinner party I insist that one dish be straight from my mind and previously untried.

This can be quite scary but can also be a great creative adventure

When you are cooking your vegetables you can test the taste and texture as you go and are able to add extra seasoning or stop the cooking process at your leisure.

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