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Grandpa Pencil
learns how to build
Water Rocket
for very hot days


O. K., I will start at the start for this ever so simple, fun project.

All you will need is a bucket of water, loads of balloons, some good friends and definitely NO snow.

At the time of writing this, Australia is still in the middle of a long, long drought and it is up to all of us to save as much water as we can.

It is also very hot so we need a fun way to keep a little cool.

Playing under the garden hose would be fun but we must all be responsible in our water use.

You know already that, if you blow up a balloon and let it go it flies off in all directions making a really funny noise.

Try it a couple of times and then you will better appreciate the Water Rocket.

  • Fill a bucket with water making sure that you turn the tap off when it is full.

  • Dip your balloon in and fill it with water.

  • Blow up the balloon making sure that the water doesn't squirt back into your mouth.

  • Hold the balloon by the 'valve' with the big bit pointing up and let go.

  • Sorry about that, did I forget to tell you that you need a towel?


Who can get their Rocket to fly the highest?

Who can get the wettest?

Who cares? It is all far too much fun

NOTE: The Water Rocket is not recommended for indoor use


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