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Adelong Said to be derived from an Aboriginal language meaning "along the way" or "plain with a river". Ajana Is thought to be either the Nanda name for the area or to be derived from a similar word meaning "mine".
Akuna An Aboriginal word meaning to follow. Allawah An Aboriginal name meaning "make your abode here" or "remain here".
Amaroo Means ‘a beautiful place’ in one of the local Aboriginal dialects. Araluen The name 'Araluen' means 'water lily' or 'place of the water lilies' in the local aboriginal language.
Aranda Its name is derived from the Arrernte tribe of Central Australia, previously known as Arunta and means 'White Cockatoo'. Arrino Is Aboriginal in origin and is the name of the local springs - thought to mean "place of many granite hills".
Attunga The name is an Aboriginal word for "a high place" Awaba Is of Aboriginal origins, and means "flat or plain surface"
Balarang Said to mean "place of swamp oak". Ballarat

derived from local Wathaurong Aboriginal words for the area, balla arat - Thought to mean "resting place".

Berowra Is an Aboriginal word that means place of many winds. Berri From the local Aboriginal tribe, Meri, meaning "a wide bend in the river".
Billimari From the local Wiradjuri language - meaning "plenty of water". Biloela Generally believed to be Aboriginal for 'black or white cockatoo'.
Bogan Gate Derived from the local Aboriginal word meaning "the birthplace of a notable headman of the local tribe". Boggabri The name comes from Kamilaroi/ Gamilaraay language - bagaaybaraay, literally "having creeks".
Booligal An Aboriginal word meaning either 'windy place', 'large swamp' or 'place of flooded box trees'. Bouddi is An Aboriginal word for 'a heart' or 'water breaking over rocks'.
Boyanup Is a Noongar Aboriginal name, said to mean "a place of quartz" - "Boya" means "rock" or "stone". Bundamba The origin of the suburb name is from the Yugarabul Aboriginal language meaning place of the stone axe.
Burraneer Is an Aboriginal word meaning point of the bay. Caboolture The name "Kabultur" is derived from the Yugarabul dialect (Kabi Aboriginal people) meaning "place of the carpet snake"
Cammeray Named after the Cammeraygal, the Aboriginal tribe of the North Sydney area. Canberra Thought to derive from the word Kambera or Canberry which is claimed to mean "meeting place" in the old Ngunnawal language, one of several Indigenous languages spoken in the district by Aboriginal people.
Coodanup Of unknown origin - although considered a Noongar word - is the local name for the mouth of the Serpentine River. Coolamon The Aboriginal word for a basin-shaped wooden dish made and used by Australian Aborigines.
Coonawarra Is an Aboriginal word meaning "Honeysuckle". Cooran From guaran, meaning tall trees or Moreton bay bush.
Cootamundra The traditional owners are considered to be the Wiradjuri, with the name probably deriving from their word guudhamang for "turtle" Coraki Derived from Bundjalung Gurigay, meaning The meeting of the waters.
Corrimal Named after the Aboriginal Dreamtime warrior Kurimul Dapto An Aboriginal word - possibly from Dabpeto meaning "water plenty",
Dimbulah A local Indigenous Australian word for "long waterhole", referring to the Walsh River that runs nearby the town. Dongara From Thung-arra, the local Wattandee people's name for the estuary adjacent to the town, meaning 'sea lion place'.
Dowerin Either the Aboriginal word for the twenty eight parrot (Dow-arn) or "place of the throwing stick" (dower). Dumbleyung Coming from "Dambeling" which possibly means "large lake or inland sea" or "dumbung", a game played with bent sticks and a hard piece of fruit.
Echuca An Aboriginal name meaning "Meeting of the Waters" (the Murray and Campaspe Rivers ) . Echunga From a Kaurna word 'eechungga' which may mean either 'a short distance' or 'close by'.
Elanora Derived from an Aboriginal word meaning "home by the sea" or "home by the water" Eneabba

From the aboriginal name of the nearby Eneabba Springs. The meaning of the word is "small water".

Geelong Derived from the local Wathaurong Aboriginal name for the region, Jillong, thought to mean "land" or "cliffs". Gerringong Thought to derive from an Aboriginal word meaning "fearful place"
Gilgandra The name is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning "long waterhole" Gingin Thought to mean "footprint" or "place of many streams"
Ginninderra Derived from the Aboriginal word for the creek which flows through the district of Ginin-ginin-derry which is said to mean sparkling or throwing out little rays of light. Giralang Named after the word in the language of the Wiradhuri Aboriginal tribe of the Central West of New South Wales, meaning star.
Gnowangerup The name of the townsite is Aboriginal, being derived from nearby Gnowangerup Creek and Spring meaning place where the mallee hen (Gnow) nests". Goodooga Meaning, "Yam". However it has been proposed that it derives from "guduu+ga", 'at the place of the Murray cod' [guduu], rather than "gudugaa", a species of yam
Goondiwindi The name derives from an Aboriginal word meaning "the resting place of the birds". Grong Grong An Aboriginal term meaning 'bad camping ground' or 'very bad camping ground'.
Gulgong Derived from the name used by the traditional inhabitants, the Wiradjuri, for 'deep waterhole'. Illawong An Aboriginal word meaning 'between two waters', referring to the Georges and Woronora Rivers. Illawong was originally inhabited by the Tharawal and/or Eora tribes.
Indooroopilly A corruption of either the local Aboriginal word nyindurupilli, meaning 'gully of the leeches' or yindurupilly meaning 'gully of running water'. Jamberoo The town's name is derived from an aboriginal word meaning 'track'.
Jannali An Aboriginal word, meaning the 'Place Of The Moon', originating from the people of the Northern Territory. Jeebropilly The origin of the name is from an Aboriginal word meaning 'flying squirrel gully.
Jeparit The name Jeparit is believed to be derived from a Gromiluk word meaning 'home of small birds'. Jerramungup An Aboriginal word said to mean 'place of upstanding yate trees'.
Jimboomba An Aboriginal word meaning 'Paradise on Earth'. Jindabyne Derived from an aboriginal word meaning 'valley'.
Joondalup A Noongar Aboriginal word - possibly meaning either "place of whiteness or glistening' or 'place of a creature that can only move backwards'.    

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