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Kalamunda The word is derived from two Noongar words: kala meaning 'home' and munda meaning 'forest' - therefore, 'A home in the forest'. Kaleen The name means ‘water’ in the language of the Wiradhuri Aboriginal tribe of the Central West of New South Wales
Kalgoorlie Derived from the Wangai word Karlkurla, meaning 'place of the silky pears'. Kambah The name derives from Ngambri, the name of the clan that originally lived in the area before European occupation.
Karrabin From the Bundjalung Aboriginal language meaning 'red gum.' Karratha In the local Aboriginal language means 'good country' or 'soft earth'.
Karuah It is thought that the name means 'native plum tree'. Kirrawee An Aboriginal word meaning 'lengthy'.
Koo Wee Rup It is from the language of the Bunurong Aboriginal people and believed to mean 'plenty of blackfish' or 'blackfish swimming'. Koorda From a list of words obtained from a Noongar Aboriginal, the meaning being given as a 'married person'.
Kowanyama Kowanyama means 'The place of many waters.' Kununurra In the Miriwoong language means "Big Waters" or "Big River'.
Kyancutta Thought to be derived from the Aboriginal 'kanjakatari'; kanja - 'stone' and katari - 'surface water', inferring water in rocks, or from a nearby hill 'Kutta kutta' - the local Aboriginal name for the 'night hawk'.
Kyogle An Aboriginal Australian word meaning 'plains turkey's (bustard) egg', a reference to the Scrub Turkey which is indigenous to the region.
Kurri Kurri Comes from the local Awabakal language where it has a meaning similar to 'the beginning' or 'the first'. Larrakeyah Named after the indigenous language group that have occupied the area since before European settlement, the Larrakia.
Manangatang From an Aboriginal term - manang meaning 'land' and kaaiti meaning 'water'. Mandurah The Noongar (or Bibbulmun) people, of the southwest of Western Australia, named the area Mandjar 'meeting place'.
Maningrida The name Maningrida is an Anglicised version of the Kunibídji name Manayingkarírra, which comes from the phrase Mane djang karirra, meaning 'the place where the Dreaming changed shape'. Manjimup From the Noongar Aboriginal words 'Manjin' - a broad-leafed edible reed, and up - 'meeting place.
Maroochydore From the Aboriginal indigenous Yuggera language word Muru-kutchi, meaning 'red-bill': the name of the black swan, commonly seen in the area. Mareeba In the language of the Muluridji people, Mareeba means 'meeting of the waters'.
Millmerran Believed to be derived from two words - meel meaning 'eye' and merran meaning 'to look out'. Minnamurra Means 'plenty of fish' in the local Aboriginal dialect.
Mooloolaba From the Aboriginal word mulu, meaning 'snapper fish', or mulla meaning 'Red-bellied Black Snake'. Moruya From an Indigenous Australian word, mherroyah, meaning 'home of the black swan'.
Kembla An Aboriginal word meaning 'plenty of game'. Mudgee From the Wiradjuri term Moothi meaning 'Nest in the Hills' or mou-gee meaning 'contented'.
Mulgoa From the Mulgoa people - who spoke the Dharug language - believed to mean 'black swan'. Mullaloo Named after an Aboriginal word, believed to mean 'place of the rat kangaroo'.
Mundubbera Means either 'Footsteps in the trees' or 'Meeting Place of the waters' in the local Aboriginal language. Murwillumbah The name Derives from an Aboriginal (Bundjalung people) word meaning 'camping place' – from Murrie, meaning 'aboriginal people', Wolli, 'a camp' and Bab, 'the place of'.
Nambucca From a Gumbaynggirr word, ngambugka; meaning 'winding or crooked river', or 'entrance to the waters'. Nana Glen Derived from the 'Two-Tailed Lizard' - Nana is an aboriginal name meaning 'Two'.
Nannup Of Noongar Aboriginal origin, meaning either 'stopping place' or 'place of parrots'. Narrogin The meaning of the name is uncertain and could be 'bat camp', 'plenty of everything' or "place of water'.
Nerrigundah The place name is derived from an aboriginal word for 'camp where edible berries grow'. Nowra Pronounced Nowa Nowa by the Aborigines - is an Aboriginal word for 'black cockatoo'.
Ongerup Means 'Place of the male kangaroo' in the local Noongar language. Ourimbah From the Aboriginal word "Oorin" meaning "Belt of manhood" in which a stone axe was carried on hunting expeditions, and "Oorinbah" which is the bora ring or ceremonial ground in which the initiation ceremony of conferring the 'belt of manhood' was carried out.
Panania Is an Aboriginal word meaning 'sun rising in the east and shining on the hills'. Parramatta The Darug people called the area Baramada or Burramatta which means 'head of waters', 'the place where the eels lie down', or 'eel waters'
Patchewollock The name originated from two Aboriginal words: putje, 'plenty', and wallah, 'porcupine grass'. Perenjori it is believed the name may be derived from the 'Peranj-jiddee bush'.
Tanilba Said to mean "place of white flowers" in a local Indigenous language, presumably a reference to the flannel flowers in the area.[

The town derives its name from an Aboriginal word meaning 'water hole'.

Thirroul The name is supposedly Aboriginal for 'Valley of Cabbage Tree Palms'. Tolga Means 'red mud'. The town was originally called Martintown, and grew out of a Cobb and Co staging post at Rocky Creek.
Toogoolawah Derived from the Aboriginal words "dhoo" (a generic term for tree) and "goo/lawa", meaning "crescent shaped" or "bent like a crescent moon". Toongabbie

Derived from an Aboriginal word, reported as meaning 'place by the water' or 'the meeting of the waters'.

Towradgi Towradgi is a corruption of the aboriginal word Kow-radgi meaning 'guardian of the sacred stones'. Tuggeranong The name is derived from an Aboriginal - Ngunnawal - expression meaning "cold plains".
Turramurra An Aboriginal word meaning 'high hill' or 'big hill' - The aboriginal reference of high hill covered the range from Pymble to Turramurra. Uralla From the language of the local Aniwan tribe. Uralla described a 'meeting place', or more especially 'a ceremonial meeting place and look-out on a hill".
Uraidla The name may derive from the Kaurna words yurre 'ear' and the suffix denotaing 'location', -illa, Wagaman Named after the Wagiman Aboriginal tribe from present-day Pine Creek, in the Katherine Region of the Northern Territory.

The town is named after an Aboriginal word meaning 'wild dog'.

Warrawong Two meanings are given for this aboriginal word - "a whiting' and the 'side of a hill'.
Wee Waa This Aboriginal name means 'Fire for Roasting' from the language of the Kamilaroi people. Werribee Is an aboriginal name meaning "backbone" or "spine".
Wilcannia Is said to be derived from an Aboriginal term for either 'gap in the bank where floodwaters escape' or 'wild dog'. Windang An aboriginal word meaning 'scene of a fight'.
Wollongong Believed to mean 'seas of the South' in the local Aboriginal language, referring to NSW's Southern Coast. Woolgoolga It is believed that the name of the town derives from the word Weelgoolga, which was used by the local Aborigines to describe the area, and the 'lilly-pilly trees that grew there.'
Woollahra An Aboriginal word meaning 'camp' or 'meeting ground' or 'a sitting down place'. Woolloomooloo Could be derived from either Wallamullah, meaning 'place of plenty' or Wallabahmullah, meaning 'a young black kangaroo'.
Wombarra Is an Aboriginal term meaning 'Black Duck'. Woonona Derived from an Aboriginal - Tharawal people - word meaning 'Place of young wallabies'.
Wonthaggi From the Woiwurrung - Eastern Kulin which means 'to drag, carry or pull with the wind'. Woy Woy Taken from the local Darkinjung Aboriginal people, means 'big lagoon' or 'much water'.
Wujal Wujal Set around the highly sacred waterfalls of Wujal Wujal the name means 'many falls' in the local language. Wyong An indigenous word meaning either 'an edible yam' or 'place of running water'.
Yalgoo Derived from the word Yalguru and.said to mean '"blood' or 'place of blood', Yamba An Aboriginal word yumbah meaning a 'rough edible shellfish the size of a man's hand that clings to rocks and is similar to an oyster'.
Yanco A Wiradjuri aboriginal language word meaning 'the sound of running water'. Yanderra From an Aboriginal word for 'turpentine tree'.
Yarralumla From the indigenous Ngunnawal people's term for the area - It is also spelt Yarrowlumla. Yatala From the Kaurna people which means 'water running by the side of a river',
Yerrinbool An Aboriginal word for the 'Wood Duck'. Yowie An Aboriginal name meaning 'place of echoes'.
Yulara The name is derived from local Aboriginal words for ' howling' and 'dingos'.    

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