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Democracy in Australia


Democracy in Australia

From the Greek words for 'rule of the people', Democracy is, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, 'the Government of the people, by the people and for the people'.

Of all the various forms of government, democracy is probably the most difficult because it must consider the hopes, dreams, ideals and needs of such a great variety of people.

Ideally each citizen should feel that the good management of the State was the direct result of that individual's wisdom - a difficult task indeed.

Regular elections with the choice of a wide range of candidates are a feature of Democratic Government and as we consider casting our vote we should probably consider exactly what we are doing.

In a small, remote community, the rules governing the day to day life of the community would most likely be decided by the community as a whole or by a committee of Elders.

Such a 'committee of the whole community' is quite impractical in today's large and complex societies and we have taken to the Parliamentary system to formulate these rules of life

We are still attempting to achieve the results that would have emerged from a 'Committee of the whole community'

This can only be achieved by electing representatives who can best act as though we were personally present in the formulation of the rules (Laws.)

It is advisable, then, to know as much as possible about all of the candidates presenting themselves for your support as well as a basic knowledge of the system itself.

Grandpa Pencil believes that Democracy can not continue to exist in an acceptable form without the involvement of all of a Nation's citizens and to assist you to better understand the system/s, offers this growing resource on Australian Democracy.




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