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Australian History Briefs 1

Grandpa Pencil takes a brief look at
Australia's (European) discovery and settlement.


Captain James Cook
(1728 - 1779)

Captain Cook and his crew were the first known Englishmen to visit the east coast of Australia.
The Endeavour anchored at Botany Bay in April 1770 where the British flag was raised claiming the territory for England.
Many coastal features and plants were named during this journey


H.M. Barque Endeavour

When planning his trip of exploration James Cook chose the Whitby collier The Earl of Pembroke which was purchased for £2,800 in 1768.
The four year old vessel was fitted out for the journey and renamed Endeavour.
Her replica frequently sails the coast of Australia and is well worth a visit.


Sir Joseph Banks
(1742 - 1820)

Sir Joseph Banks was the botanist who traveled with Captain Cook on his journey of discovery.
Throughout the trip Banks collected samples of plants, many that had never been seen before by Europeans.
Though he initially considered Australia as a waste of space he later gave support to a scheme to establish a convict settlement there.


Governor Arthur Phillip
(1738 - 1814)

Having determined that Port Jackson would be better able to support the nearly 1500 people in his care than the original destination of Botany Bay, Phillip established the first settlement of the new colony on the western side of what is now Circular quay, Sydney.
The rest, as they say, is history.


The First Fleet

The first fleet, headed by Captain Phillip consisted of eleven ships.
The warships Sirius and Supply accompanied by 3 store-ships and 6 convict ships.
Leaving England on the 13 Th. May, 1788 with 1487 people they sailed via Rio De Janeiro and the Cape of Good Hope to arrive at Botany Bay between the 18 Th. and 20 Th. of January 1788.


The Journey

Setting out from Portsmouth on May 13, 1787, commanded by Governor Arthur Phillip, the first fleet sailed for nine months before arriving at Botany Bay between January 18th and 20th.
Along with the two escorts Sirius and Supply were the convict transports Alexander, Friendship, Scarborough, Charlotte, Lady Penrhyn and Prince of Wales as well as the store-ships Fishburn, Borrowdale and Golden Grove.


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