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City improvement: New Pitt Street , Sydney ~ 1855


Dear Grandpa Pencil looks at early Australian development through journals, official reports and newspaper excerpts of the day. Readers should remember that these accounts are based on personal observations at the time and some have, since, been shown to be flawed.

City improvement, New Pitt Street is drawn from an article in The Illustrated Sydney News, April 1855

The thick, turbid tank stream, which now forms one of the chief sewers of the town, was once the principle feature which attracted the first settlers and induced them to fix upon this locality for the foundation of the new settlement.

The clear limpid stream, which peacefully flowed into the waters of the harbour, was hailed with delight.

The new exchange, which gives promise of being one of the handsomest public buildings in New South Wales, will render this portion of the city the centre of commercial transactions, to which the mercantile world will flock, as the most convenient site for offices, from its close continuity to the Circular Wharf.

We may, in due course of time, expect to see the whole length of New Pitt-street studded with fine buildings, similar to those which ornament the corner of Bridge-street, opposite the New Exchange.


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