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Public Charities In Australasia: 1896


Dear Grandpa Pencil looks at early Australian development through journals, official reports and newspaper excerpts of the day. Readers should remember that these accounts are based on personal observations at the time and some have, since, been shown to be flawed.

Public Charities is drawn from an article in The Seven Colonies of Australasia, 1895 - 6 by T. A. Coghlan

One of the satisfactory features of the social condition of the Australian communities is the wide distribution of wealth, and the consequently small proportion of people who are brought within the reach of want.

In the United Kingdom, the richest country of Europe, only nine out of every hundred of the population possess property to the value of one hundred pounds, while in Australia the number is not less than thirteen, and the violent contrast between the rich and the poor which blots the civilization of the old world is not observable in these young states.

It is, unfortunately, only too plain that a certain amount of poverty does exist in the colonies; but there is a complete absence of our hereditary pauper class, and no one is born into the hopeless conditions which characterize the lives of so many millions in Europe, and from which there is absolutely no possibility of escape.


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