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Northern Territory



State Emblems

Coat of Arms
Sturt's Desert Rose
Estimated population at 2010 230 500
Capital City Darwin
Area. 1 349 129 Sq. Km
Coastline 10 953 Km
estimated pop. of Darwin 124 800
Emblems Animal. Red Kangaroo
Sturt's Desert Rose
Wedge-Tailed Eagle
Highest Mountain Zeil 1 509 m

Alice Springs is the main town of central Australia.

An extract from 'A statistical account of the Seven Colonies of Australasia 1895 - 1896'
by T. A. Coglan

In 1862 John McDouall Stuart , a South Australian explorer, succeeded in crossing the continent from Adelaide to Adam Bay on the north coast.He represented the country as suitable for settlement, and application was accordingly made to the Imperial Government for permission to annex the whole of the territory laying between the 26 degree of south latitude and the seaboard, and the meridians of 129 degrees and 138 degrees east longitude.

This tract of land was formally granted to South Australia in July, 1863, and is now (1869) known as the Northern Territory of South Australia.

In 1864 the first colonising expedition to the Northern Territory was dispatched from Adelaide; a settlement was established at Escape Cliffs, Adam Bay, but the location, being found unsuitable, the colonists, in 1870, removed to Port Darwin, which has since remained the official centre.

The Northern Territory is now a Commonwealth Territory with its own Parliament and Chief Minister.The capital, Darwin, is a modern city whose links with Indonesia and Papua New Guinea continues trade and migration patterns that have been going on for thousands of years.


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