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Coat of Arms


Quensland Flag

Cooktown Orchid


Estimated population at Dec. 2013
4.691 million

Area. 1 727 500 Sq. Km
7 400 Km

Capital City
Pop: 2 005 000

State Emblems
Animal. Koala - Floral. Cooktown Orchid

Most northerly point of mainland Australia
Cape York, Queensland Latitude 10 degrees 41 minutes South

Highest mountain
Bartlefrere 1 612 m

An extract from 'A statistical account of the Seven Colonies of Australasia 1895 - 1896'
by T. A. Coglan

In 1825 the first convict establishment was formed at Eagle Farm, in the Morton Bay district.The penal settlement came to an end in the year 1842, and the district was proclaimed open to free settlement.

From that date to December, 1859, the territory was under the control of the New South Wales Government, the local administration being entrusted to a Government Resident.

Its separation from New South Wales took place in 1859 and its constitution was proclaimed on the 10th December of that year.

The first representative Parliament was opened on the 29th May, 1860.

Queensland, like Victoria, is an offshoot of New South Wales.


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