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South Australia



Coat of Arms
South Australian Flag Sturt's Desert Pea

Estimated population at Dec. 2013

1.677 million
Area. 983,482 Sq. Km
Coastline. 5,067,700 Km

Capital City

estimated pop. of Adelaide at Dec. 2013 1,326,354
State Emblems Animal. Hairy-Nosed Womba
Sturt's Desert Pea
Piping Shrike

Highest Mountain

Woodruff 1,524 m
Lowest point on the Australian mainland Lake Eyre -15 m


An extract from 'A statistical account of the Seven Colonies of Australasia 1895 - 1896 by T. A. Coglan

South Australia was colonised in the year 1836, by immigrants who had arrived from England under the auspices of the South Australian Colonisation Company, and until a site was chosen they stayed on Kangaroo Island.

Colonel Light, who was sent out to select a suitable spot for the first operations of the settlers arrived in August, 1836, and after examining Nepean Bay, Port Lincoln and Encounter bay, decided upon establishing the capital where Adelaide now stands.

Captain Hindmarsh, the first Governor, arrived at the close of the same year, and proclaimed the colony on the 28th December.

At that date the northern boundary was fixed at the 26th parallel of south latitude, which remained the limit of the colony until July, 1863, when the boundary was extended northward to the seaboard.

The act proclaiming Responsible Government was proclaimed on the 24th October, 1856, and the first Parliament was opened on the 22nd April, 1857.

In 1862 John McDouall Stuart, a South Australian explorer, succeeded in crossing the continent from Adelaide to Adam Bay on the north coast.

He represented the country as suitable for settlement, and application was accordingly made to the Imperial Government for permission to annex the whole of the territory lying between the 26 degree of south latitude and the seaboard.

this tract of territory was formerly granted to South Australia in July, 183, and is now (1896) known as the Northern Territory of South Australia.

South Australia is the driest State on the second driest continent with the driest Capital, Adelaide and its industries include car making, ship building, steel and fine wine production.


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