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Western Australia



State Emblems

Coat of Arms
Kangaroo Paw
Estimated population at 2015 2.589 million
Area. 2 529 875 Sq. Km
Coastline. 20 781 Km
 Capital City Perth
Est. Population 1,958,912

State Emblems

Animal. Numbat
Red and Green Kangaroo Paw 
Black Swan
Most westerly point of mainland Australia

Steep Point, Western Australia.
Longitude 113 degrees 9 minutes east

Highest Mountain in state Meharry 1 251m

An extract from 'A statistical account of the Seven Colonies of Australasia 1895 - 1896 by T. A. Coglan

The foundation of the colony of Western Australia dates from the year 1826 when Major Lockyer landed at Albany in charge of an expedition from Sydney, consisting of a detachment of the 39th Regiment and a number of prisoners.

In 1827 Captain Stirling arrived in H. M. S. Success, and explored the Swan River, with a view to establishing a permanent settlement on its banks.In 1829, Captain Freemantle landed near its mouth and in the same year the town of Perth was founded.

The Swan River Settlement, as it was known originally, was made a separate colony, under the name of Western Australia, on the 1st June, 1829.

Captain Stirling was appointed the first Governor; and it remained a Crown colony under the direct control of the British Government until the 20th October, 1890.

The present Constitution Act was assented to on the 15th August, 1890; it was proclaimed on the 21st October and the first representative Parliament was opened on the 30th December in the same year.

With just 2.589 million people, Western Australia is about the same size as Western Europe.

The State is a leading supplier of bulk ores for the world aluminium and steel industries along with the production of nickel, titanium, gold, diamonds and rare earths.



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