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Leftover Grub

Grub: Aside from the obvious meaning, grub means food or to search or rummage. Fair dinkum cobber! I am sure that you will have no trouble at all finding grub on Boxing Day.
With a Boxing Day house full of people, a need for rest and an even greater need to clear the fridge out, you will find these Leftover Grubs the ideal solution to your day long grazing needs.


  • Enough soft dinner rolls to satisfy the needs of your invasion and your fridge.
  • The contents of the fridge.
  • Mayonnaise, gravy and sauces.
  • One or more large packs of potato crisps or straws for both taste and decoration.

You will need
One or more large, colourful serving trays



  • Break or slice your ham, chicken, turkey, smoked salmon, lamb &/or beef into small pieces keeping each meat separate.
  • We are aiming for light succulence so you will want appropriate sauces, gravies, mayonnaise etc. You should have heaps left over but it is worth the effort of making some if you don't.
  • Split each of the rolls and butter (margarine) both sides.
  • Make up the rolls: An example is chicken, egg and mayonnaise.
    Lay down the mayonnaise and sprinkle with crushed potato crisps.
  • Cover with squished boiled egg.
  • Add a small serve of broken chicken bits and garnish with any leftover salad bits and put the lid on.
  • Cover your colourful tray with lightly crushed potato crisps or straws and lay out your rolls like a wiggly grub.
  • Make eyes and antennae for the 'front roll' and, if you feel up to it, you can make legs from dill pickles, for the rest of your grub.
  • If the entire neighbourhood is calling in you can scrap the tray and use the table.
  • Cover the table with a disposable table cloth (paper), cover the table with crushed chippies and simply make a bigger grub or a number of grubs.
  • In the event that you have some yummy leftovers that are not suitable for the rolls, simply set them out as a landscape around the grub/s.
  • When the grub is eaten your guests can satisfy themselves with the broken chippy bits.








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