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Now this one is difficult for this Grandpa Pencil 'cause I really hate cleaning cars.
There are far too many more interesting things that I want to do.

That's Good !

I am not the only one that feels this way and a really good business plan is one that taps into community likes and dislikes.
I would suggest that there are a few vital aspects that will make this little business a real killer.

  • You will need a high exposure site where cars naturally congregate. This little business works better with two of more partners
  • Looks and style will play a large part in your potential profitability (sorry 'bout that)

The fact is that, regardless of your sex, your looks, dress and charm are worth more than your cleaning ability.
Sadly, much of the world's peoples are, quite frankly, extremely shallow and have great difficulty seeing past the superficial.

What you will need

I have already said that I don't clean cars but you will at least need:-

  • A plastic bucket
  • One of those jumbo car sponges
  • A squeegee
  • A hose
  • Clean cotton towells
  • Your adult's vacuum cleaner
  • Car wash detergent
  • Car deodorant
  • Window cleaner
  • Tyre black
  • Some of that car vinyl polishing stuff
  • Carpet spotting spray
  • A well made sign

The site

I have no idea what it is like where you live but here, in Australia, high petrol prices and the 'all too often' poor service makes our petrol outlets all pretty much the same.
This sameness will work to your advantage as many 'service stations' should welcome anything that might lift them out of the ordinary, if that is possible.
Find a slow 'service station' in a high profile location (essentially, in real estate terms, you want the worst house in the best street) and approach its manager with an offer of presenting your car cleaning service each Saturday and Sunday over whatever times you choose.
The 'service station' should supply the space, a place for your sign/s, water and power for the vacuum cleaner for FREE.

How to do it

Goodness gracious me, how many times do I have to tell you? I don't clean cars.
O.K., first you will neeed to practice on your adult's vehicle to see how to do it and about how long it will take you so you can work out just how much you want to charge.
This way you will also have a better chance of getting away with 'mucking the job up a little'.
Have your sign clearly display your charges and state that you do:-

  • an external wash
  • A wash and vacuum
  • A complete clean
When you have no car to clean keep busy by sucking up to the servo's customers so they know you are there.





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